Cher Issues Hysterical Response After Realizing Dems Defeat in the Midterms is Coming…

I regret to inform you that Cher is having another meltdown on Twitter.

This time she’s freaking out over the impending midterm election disaster.

Honestly, she has good reason to worry.

Cher is now saying that if Dems lose the House or the Senate, they are f*cked.”

Yes, Cher, that’s how this works…

She got even more dramatic, declaring if Dems lose the White House in 2024, “stick a fork in democracy, it’s done.”

Meanwhile, America is dealing with a confused, buffoonish tyrant on steroids who’s pushing his radical communist agenda.

Cher had her freak out late Friday night. She tried to blame Manchin and Sinema for Democrats’ failure to pass the “voting rights” bills that would federalize elections and turn the US into a full-time “Banana Republic.”

Here’s what Cher said: “What’s coming is DIRE, Know Its Scary,You Dont Want 2 Hear it,But If Dems lose House or Senate We’re fucked. If We Lose Presidency,STICK A FORK IN AMERICAN DEMOCRACY,ITS DONE.”

Here’s what people online are saying about Crazy Cher:

“It means they voted the way their constituents wanted, you know the people they represent. You don’t understand politics. Read some civics and history, especially around the founding. We have a Representative Republic, not a democracy(mob rule). Until you know this stuff STFU!”

“America is a Constitutional Representative Republic just in case someone did not teach you that. It is not now, nor was it EVER a “Democracy”.”

“Did you finally learn how to post w/o using caps?? Good for you!”

“You have zero idea what you’re talking about! You’re gaslighting and trying to trick the useful idiots! Americans are waking up! They see through all the Hollywood bullshit! Thank God! Go away!!”

“Cher is so focused on keeping the Democrats in power that she would welcome totalitarian rule and abolish the constitution and bill of rights of all freedom loving Americans. Check and balances are in place for a reason.”

“Someone’s been watching too much joy Reid and Rachel madcow! Perhaps dipping in Nancy’s vodka too…”

Poor Cher.

She really should hang up her political boots. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about half the time.

In all honestly, it’s starting to look like “elder abuse” online, with how badly she gets beat up for her terrible political takes.