[VIDEO] Has Alec Baldwin Finally Gone Over The Edge? His New Message is Mega Disturbing

I have never thought Alec Baldwin was a pillar of sanity, by any stretch of the imagination, but I think he’s losing his last marble at this point.

I don’t like the guy, but I understand what he’s been through was horrific – shooting someone dead. But what’s made matters so much worse is how Alec and his wife have handled this deadly tragedy.

They were not respectful, or humble, and not the least bit gracious. Alec and his shrieking wife turned the deadly shooting into a PR circus that was all about them.

Suddenly, Alec was the “victim.” Alec was the center of the tragedy, not the wife and mother he shot dead.

The tipping point was when he refused to turn his phone over to New Mexico officials without a search warrant.

Okay, so they got a search warrant, and even after that, it still took Alec a month to hand it over.

That was wrong.

Now, Alec wants some kind of “award” for finally complying with the search warrant, 29 days later.

And now, he’s crossed the last line, if you ask me, by making this disturbing and disrespectful video about it.

I think he’s finally lost it.

You can watch the video below:

Can you imagine what Halyna’s husband must think and feel when he sees stuff like this?

Do you think Alec stops to consider that?

To think about what a “carnival of horrors” he turned that woman’s death into?

No, of course not. He doesn’t have the soul to do that.

What he and his wife should have done was leave the public square for a while, quietly work behind the scenes to help authorities, and lead a push for industry change, so a tragedy like this won’t happen again.

Instead, Alec does videos like this, basically mocking the entire process, and as a result, the woman he shot and killed.

-And now, he’s going insane because of it, and honestly, he deserves everything that’s coming his way.