Breaking: GOP Rep Who Voted to Impeach Trump Is a Goner

Anti-Trump Congressman John Katko, known as a “moderate” Republican, has announced his retirement.

Katko notoriously sided with Democrats who voted to impeach President Donald Trump after the events of January 6th.

The 59-year-old Republican was likely going to become the next chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, but fortunately, this won’t be the case.

Many Americans are expecting a massive red wave during the upcoming midterm election

In the House of Representatives, all 435 representatives face election every two years. Right now, Democrats control the House, which allows them to ramp through their far-left legislative agenda on Americans.

A total of 24 Democrats are calling it quits, either retiring or running for a different office.

Only 12 Republicans in the House won’t run for reelection.

Trump remains a dominant force in the GOP according to numerous polls.

More from Western Journal:

…Katko released a statement saying it was time to “enjoy my family and life in a fuller and more present way.”

While his statement made no reference to Trump, he also said, “My conscience, principles, and commitment to do what’s right have guided every decision I’ve made as a Member of Congress, and they guide my decision today.”

Kakto faced a backlash from Republicans after voting to impeach Trump over his role in the Capitol incursion on Jan. 6, 2021, as lawmakers were preparing to certify the results of the 2020 election.

A former federal prosecutor, Katko faced at least one primary challenger in his district, which is centered around Syracuse, New York.

New York is redrawing its congressional district lines to reflect the 2020 Census, and its new boundaries are uncertain.

Katko became the 12th House Republican to announce they’re not seeking re-election in 2022. So far, 26 House Democrats have said they are retiring after this year.