BUSTED: PA Officials Confessed 2020 Election Laws Were Broken!

We have been reporting this since the start of the 2020 election!

It’s been a matter of time before the crime of the century gets revealed!

A new video from Pennsylvania officials has emerged, where they confess that the laws were broken in the 2020 election.

That was precisely what Trump has been saying during the entire time! However, we have been called conspiracy theorists.

Watch the confession below:

Pennsylvania Senate, of course, wants to audit the election results!

One election official said: ‘’We’re actually going to follow the rules this time.’’

That implies that they have already broken the rules!

The Federalist reported:

“So, we’re going to actually follow the law fully this time,” Delaware County, Pennsylvania’s Christina Perrone told fellow election-related workers during a Zoom meeting after the November 2020 election. This video—the latest obtained by The Federalist—provides yet another example of widespread violations of election law during the last presidential election.

Regina Miller, a contract worker for the large Pennsylvania county, filmed the video of the April 7, 2021 Zoom meeting, which involved voting officials discussing plans for the upcoming elections, according to sources familiar with the recording. The video began with Perrone, who, according to a lawsuit filed against her, other Delaware County officials, and the county, served as a project manager for the county, saying they would “talk about that off-line”—with the “that” not specified.

The remainder of the clip, however, gave some clues, with Perrone saying she had a brief conversation with “Jim,” “and this time it’s much different than last time because we’re going to have them sign oaths. There’re going to be W4s and we need them to sign something allowing somebody else to pick up. So, we’re going to actually follow the law fully this time,” Perrone ended with a laugh.

The Federalist contacted Delaware County, inquiring on the identity of “Jim” and the other participants in the call and seeking comment on videos filmed by the whistleblower. The public relations director for the Pennsylvania county, Adrienne Marofsky, stated that as the matter involved “pending litigation,” the county was “not responding to press questions.” Marofsky added, however, that, “The county is confident that the elections in 2020 and 2021 were conducted fairly and fully complied with state and federal laws.”

Everyone knows what would have happened if a Republican was caught saying this on video! It would lead to impeachment and investigations!

However, this time a Democrat has said that, so Biden was declared to be the president, and it isn’t a big deal!

America has to be a democracy! If they are covering ones and exposing others, a county can’t be a democracy!

Why is this happening?

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