BREAKING: Huge COVID Testing Company Engaged in Scandalous Cover-Up

“Trust the science” concept has reversed and turned to – do your own research rather than trusting mainstream media and so-called “professional papers”, funded by your corrupted Government and conglomerates disguised as philanthropists funds.

End of discussion.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is suing two Illinois-based companies for allegedly “deceiving consumers” when it comes to COVID-19 testing.

The suit claims “the companies, the Center for COVID Control and Doctors Clinical Laboratory, Inc., either failed to deliver test results, or delivered test results that were falsified or inaccurate,” according to a news release issued by Ellison’s office Wednesday.

“CDC is one of the biggest players in the COVID testing space, operating over 300 sites nationwide, according to an NBC News report from Jan. 14, which noted that the company is under federal investigation as well as being probed by attorneys general in several states.”

Doctors Clinical Laboratory is CCC’s “associated lab,” the Ellison news release states.

The lawsuit, filed in Hennepin County district court on Wednesday, accuses the companies of delivering test results that were “often deceptively riddled with inaccurate and false information including listing the wrong test type and false dates and times for when samples were collected from consumers to be tested.”

Worse still, some Minnesotans, who had never submitted samples, reported they’d received test results from the companies, according to the the lawsuit:

“Even more disturbingly, Defendants have fraudulently represented that Minnesota consumers have tested negative for COVID-19, despite consumers never having submitted samples for Defendants to test,” it states.