Moderna CEO Announces New “Super Jab”

Apparently, what’s so “great” about this particular shot is the fact that it will protect us from all different varieties of the CCP virus with this single shot.

Just a quick yet very important financial info:

Many suffered and over 800,000 have died due to COVID-19 while Joe Biden has been in office, it appears pharmaceutical companies like Moderna made billions of dollars and it mostly came from the U.S. taxpayer.

“At the end of the third quarter sales of 2021, Moderna revealed they had accumulated $5 billion worldwide. Add that with the other quarters, and the company has already hit $11.3 billion with a forecast of $18 billion from the COVID-19 jab alone. And again, it was all made possible thanks to American taxpayers.”

The director of programs for MSF-USA, Dr. Carrie Teicher, stated, “US taxpayers made the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine possible. The company must absolutely be accountable to the public effort to vaccinate the world, and the US must use its vast legal powers to force or compel Moderna to share the tech and help boost global production of the vaccine. Time is running out for the US to make good on its claim to be a global leader on COVID-19.”