China Uses Biden’s “SOB” Comment to Mock Him Publicly, and Suggest He’s “Unfit to Serve”

Joe Biden has blown his fake “kind grandfather” persona that his Handlers made up for him.

It was never real because Joe Biden has always been a mean, cocky, narcissistic a-hole.

But the Handlers re-packaged him as a “kindly old grandad” in an effort to strike a stark contrast to the bombastic Trump.

And a lot of people bought it – not 81-million, but a lot did… and now, they’re seeing that they were duped.

But it’s more than just Joe being an a-hole. Now, I believe what we’re dealing with is his dementia, and that front part of his brain, where our “social filters” are, is damaged.

The front part of the brain is responsible for these Social Filters and when Dementia hits this part of the brain, it can destroy the learned responses that filters provided and unkind words or actions can come out.

It’s very normal for Dementia and Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients to get very ornery, and not be able to control their emotions; they say and do things in public that lack a “filter” because the front part of their brain is damaged.

This is scary when you think about the role that the Handlers have given Joe Biden.

And that’s where the CCP comes in.

The official China news media caught wind of the Biden/Doocy dustup and they’re now using it to not only mock Joe Biden but to suggest he is not “mentally fit” to serve… notice the dig about the nuclear codes.


Here’s what CCP said: “This is a scary state. Hope people in the White House could help take care of the nuclear briefcase.”

That entire tweet was mocking Joe as being an out-of-control Dementia patient, who shouldn’t be near the nuclear codes.

Nobody has ever respected Joe Biden. He’s always had a reputation of being a joke and an unserious goof, kind of like Eric Swalwell – an idiot whose mouth always got him into trouble.

Now, he’s still all that, but he suffers from Dementia, to make matters worse.

So now, not only is Joe Biden not respected, but he’s also a national security risk, because of how our friends and enemies think of him and mock him on the world stage.

It’s time for the GOP to call out Biden’s cognitive issues… I know the alternative is Kamala Harris, but at the very least, she’s not suffering from Dementia.

Joe Biden needs to go before he gets us all killed.