Goldie Hawn Puts it All On The Line and Outed Herself, Now Liberals Want Vengeance

In this day and age, if you dare to go against the Big Pharma/corporate/government regime’s narrative, all the “freedom-loving” hippies will come after you and tear you limb from limb.

That’s right, apparently, the “resistance” is now literally working for the “man.”

So, when Goldie Hawn decided to “come out” against kids in masks, she really was putting it all on the line. She was laying herself out there for the mob to devour, so you really gotta give this lady props for using her voice and her platform to help the kids.

And to make matters even more infuriating for Dems, Goldie appeared on Fox News.

That was the final nail in the coffin for Dems, for sure…

Bizpacreview reported that Hawn, an Academy award-winning actress, is drawing ire from the left after she joined “Fox & Friends” on Fox News Channel to discuss her recent op-ed published on USA Today.

When asked how the nation can reverse the failures it has had for children, Hawn responded by saying, “We can start by looking at what we’re putting into schools. We can start looking at how we’re putting preventative social and emotional programs into schools.”

Hawn continued by telling co-hosts Will Cain, Carley Shimkus, and Brian Kilmeade that, “We’re dealing right now with a mental illness pandemic. Mental illness is something that can actually last; it’s very, very dangerous. If we don’t look at it and know what and how to handle it, then we’re not going to win this battle with kids.”

This opinion was too much for the denizens of Twitter to bear and they made sure to let Hawn hear it.

I went through the comments online about Goldie, and they range from Nazi, and racist to science-denier and child abuser. They’re also attacking her career, her personal life, just tearing her apart, limb-from-limb.

Typical stuff from the “loving left.”

It’s the same nonsense we’ve heard time and time again from these COVID cultists.

They want to strap masks on kids, make everyone uncomfortable, and then tell parents the only way to end it, is to get your kid – who has almost zero threat from COVID – vaccinated.

You can see the playbook so clearly because it’s the same thing they just did to all of us.

Proud of Goldie for fighting back. In this era of the “cancel mob,” she took a big risk and we appreciate her for it.

These poor children need all the help they can get