President of El Salvador Just Outed The Globalists’ “Bait and Switch” Plan in One Mega-Viral Tweet

The 43rd President of El Salvador is a young businessman and politician.

He once described himself as the “coolest dictator in the world.”

He did it to mock the US and others who claimed that he was destroying democracy by supposedly “tinkering” with the election process.

Oh, gee, that’s rich.

Thank goodness the US doesn’t tinker around with our sacred election processes, right?

But I will say this about President Bukele, he likes to call out the globalists, and that part of what he does is a-okay with me.

This is the same man who not too long ago, wondered if the decline and decay of once-beautiful US (liberal-run) cities was an “inside job.”

He made the comment after reading a piece on the barrage of shoplifting, where police and security guards just look the other way, while people steal them blind, causing many stores to close.

His observation was good if you ask me.

And now he’s back with another pretty spot-on observation.

President Bukele says the “real war” isn’t happening in Ukraine — it’s happening in Canada,  Australia, and elsewhere in the world, and “they” want you to ignore it and look the other way.

Here’s what El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele said in his mega-viral tweet: “The real war is not in Ukraine, it’s in Canada, Australia, France, Brussels, England, Germany, Italy…

They just want you to look the other way.”

I think that observation is pretty spot-on. Here’s what people online are saying:

“Yikes! El Salvador ‘coming in hot’ (as the cool kids said in 2020) but importantly – is he wrong?”

“Ukraine Russia crisis is a blackmail, Putin and Brandon are both want high gas price.”

“The leader of El Salvadore gets it.”

“This is the president of El Salvador. He is completely right.”

“The president (dictator?) of El Salvador has a point here” 

“It’s not a war among nation states, it’s a conflict of good and evil, light and dark…and the prize is global control.”

“I think the president of El Salvador maybe onto something”

“Just in case you didn’t know this is the president of El Salvador saying this and he’s 100% right.”

“Even the president of El Salvador thinks we’re total f#ck ups.”

“This guy is smart as well as spicy. Bravo El Salvador.”

“Pay attention.. you are been distracted..”

“When the President of a nation tweets like this, you know we are in deep shit:”

“When leaders know the truth and aren’t afraid to voice it. Same country that gave home test kits of ivermectin and vitamins…..Let that sink in.”

We can argue El Salvador’s “politics” all day long, but that’s not the point of his tweet.

He’s talking about the massive and major uprisings we’re seeing all over the world right now – and we’re not seeing any of it on the news unless they’re calling the protesters “racist.”

We’re seeing it online.

And we’re not hearing anything from our elected officials about the massive pushback against their tyrannical globalist COVID policies.

But it’s huge, and it’s threatening everything the globalists stand for.

The people are rising and the media and the politicians want to make sure most of you don’t notice it… because if you do, and you join in, they’ll be in a real mess of trouble.