[VIDEO] Canadian Political “Insiders” Saying Truckers Could Actually Bring Down Entire Trudeau Government

The rain is coming down hard on Justin Trudeau after he went from calling the Truckers a “fringe group” to “domestic terrorists” in the blink of an eye.

Trudeau took a massive step, way outside of the norm, and invoked the “Emergencies Act” in Canada – an act that’s never been used and is reserved for the gravest of circumstances, where the government is actually being “threatened.”

And now, he’s weaponized the banks for political purposes.

Many critics are calling this the most communist move ever, and Justin may have way, way, way overstepped his bounds.

The “ACLU” of Canada has come out and rebuked Justin’s orders, and other “allies” of Trudeau are also condemning what he did.

This is an actual critic (a lawyer and a writer) of the Freedom Trucker’s protest speaking out against what Trudeau did:

“I’ve been a critic of the Ottawa disruptions, but today’s edicts underscore how dangerous it is to arm government with the sort of financial and emergency powers that can bypass due process, bring targets to their knees without trial, and shred privacy. Don’t let it happen here.”

It’s looking bad for Justin. Many are saying he just went too far.

“Justin Trudeau is perhaps the best example of white privilege in Canada today. The 1st black police chief in Ottawa history resigns after being blamed for not clearing the protests. Justin Trudeau who escalated tensions leading to the protests remains in office.”

It’s so bad that conservative radio host Buck Sexton says that his sources inside the “political system” in Canada are saying that the Truckers could actually bring down Justin and his entire government.

That’s how big of a deal this all is…

Here’s what Buck Sexton said: “I’m talking to people up in #Canada. I’m talking to people tied into the political system up there who know the political system up there. They’re saying the #truckers could bring down the #Trudeau government. This could actually happen. It’s big.”

You can watch the video below:

Many believe that Justin made a terrible move by escalating this so quickly. He didn’t have to go this far, but he did, and now, he’s got to live with the consequences.


The Ottawa Truckers have said they don’t care what Justin does, they plan to stay put until he lifts the mandates, or they’re dragged away and thrown in jail.

All they’ve ever wanted was medical freedom for everyone.

It’s a noble cause, especially since we all know now that the vaccine isn’t stopping the spread.

For crying out loud, Juston is triple vaxxed, and he just caught COVID.

So, it makes no sense that Justin won’t lift the mandates.


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Justin has refused to even meet with the group he once called “small and fringe,” so it’s feeling as if this is more about Justin’s ego than it is about anything else.