People Very Suspicious of WH Official “Situation Room Photo” Of Biden and His Team

The White House is doing everything they can to use this “Russia/Ukraine” thing to make Biden seem like a “capable” leader.

Doesn’t it feel like if the US and UK just shut up and stayed out of things, everything would be okay?

This whole thing definitely has this weird vibe.” It feels like the US is pouring fuel on fire so Biden can distract from the nightmare he’s facing at home and look like the “savior.”

The problem is, Americans aren’t falling for this nonsense anymore.

We have a country that’s falling apart. People are losing jobs over a mandate for a vaccine that doesn’t even stop the virus. Shelves are still bare, the border is wide open and people are pouring through like crazy. The whole COVID thing continues to be a confusing “unscientific” mess, where 80K at a football stadium can be unmasked, but 20 kids in a classroom can’t.

Food and gas prices are through the roof, and now thanks to this Russian situation, Biden wants Americans to suffer from even higher gas prices for the sake of “democracy.”

That’s really rich since many would argue that we don’t even have “democracy” in the US anymore.

We have a guy with Alzheimer’s playing “president” every day, who’s dividing the country, and making Jimmy Carter look like he should be on Mt. Rushmore.

And everything Biden says and does feels staged – from his fake White House” set to his weird pressers where he can only call on “certain reporters” or he’ll get in trouble.

Something just feels “off” about Joe and his entire admin… and this latest official situation room-type photo, showing Biden and his gaggle of bozos talking about Russia has that same fake/staged vibe.

Have you seen this thing? It’s a hoot.

Apparently, Biden led a meeting of the National Security Council (led? lol sure he did…) as the Russia-Ukraine crisis supposedly heats up.

We’re expected to believe that Joe Biden is going to prevent the next “WW3.” 🙄

So, the White House, who’s using this Ukraine/Russia mess as a PR stunt, tweeted out this ridiculously staged-looking photo of the group meeting.

The thing that made everyone call “foul,” was the nameplates.

Look how they’re turned to face the camera, for the love of God.

And why are they all wearing masks? Aren’t these people quadrupled vaccinated by now?

What a bunch of clowns and they really do think we’re all stupid.

Here’s the photo:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Masked and nameplate turned to the camera. What a Shit Show.”

“Why are the name plates facing the camera? why are they wearing masks? What a joke this administration is.”

“A bunch of grown ass “men” with diapers strapped to their faces discussing National Security and war.”

“the architects of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan are planning on how to blunder around Eastern Europe great
Quote Tweet”

“Did Milley wait until after the meeting to update China or did he just text Xi under the table?”

“Look at the placement of the nameplates LOL LOL LOL” 

“I want to thank the photographer for catching this slice-of-life with the nameplates directly facing the camera.”

“This photo is hella embarrassing on so many levels.”

“I could not have less confidence in these clowns”

“Great propaganda photo. Biden doesn’t know what the hell is going on.”

“Are the name plates there to help Joe remember what’s going on?”

“”Guys, I need you to turn your nameplates towards the camera so people believe this is a real conference.””

“Warmongers freebasing war propaganda”

“In order to sit at this table, each man must needlessly cover his face, have publicly proclaimed that men can get pregnant, and have agreed to overlook the blood on each other’s hands for their lies and cowardice in Afghanistan. You are not safe.”

“They’re desperate to start a war so Biden can get his poll numbers up.” 

Biden’s admin is stuck in the 90s, thinking that a “war” is just what the American people need to rally around their “president.”

That’s how completely out of touch this senile buffoon and his Handler’s are.

Americans want the “president” to focus on America, not on foreign governments that have used and abused us for decades.

If there really is a “war” coming, Biden had plenty of options to stop it with sanctions, but he didn’t do that because THIS is exactly what he wants.

Nothing will distract the media from Biden’s nightmare at home than reporting on a war that’s thousands of miles away.