[VIDEO] Mark Levin Finally Reveals Name of Female Fox News Star He Doesn’t Get Along With

There have been rumors going around for some time that Mark Levin has issues with some of the talent working at Fox News.

Levin is never shy about his feelings, that’s for sure. I am sure he’s had a few run-ins or “debates” with people through the years on and off-air.

But there’s also been talk about a woman at Fox News, who doesn’t like Levin one single bit… and now, thanks to a brief moment during Levin’s show, we finally know who it is and why she doesn’t like him.

She’s definitely a big name, and honestly, I am not a fan of this person because either.

She’s NeverTrumper, but I loved her dog Jasper (rest in peace).

That’s right, Levin is referring to none other than Bush-era fan girl, Dana Perino.

Bizpacreview reported on what Levin said about Ms. Perino:

“…Dana hates me. Yeah, it’s true,” Levin claimed about the former White House press secretary in the President George W. Bush administration.

Perino is also a co-host of the top-rated “The Five” ensemble on the Fox News Channel.

“Luckily you’re not on-air, but it, but she — she doesn’t like me. She’s a Bush-y, and I’m not. She’s a Rove-ite, and I’m not. So, they take these things very personally, I think. Bill Hemmer has called me in the past. He’s actually a very nice guy, if you want to know the truth,” Levin continued.

The host of FNC’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Sunday evenings went on to express disapproval about Fox News contributor and political consultant Karl Rove who was White House senior advisor and deputy chief of staff for G.W. Bush.

Watch (I cued up Marks comments at the 1:04:26 mark):

It’s not the least bit surprising that Dana doesn’t like Mark… He’s America first, and she’s establishment.

My guess is the only person Dana really likes at Fox News is probably Karl Rove.

That old fuddy-duddy establishment neocon is definitely her “type.”

And that explains why she’s always been a Trump-hater.

During the 2016 campaign, she and Greg Gutfeld used to huddle together on “The Five” and make snarky comments about Trump.

Glad to see Greg shed that NeverTrump nonsense, but Dana’s still got it, apparently.

Well, in this Feud, I’m “Team Levin” all the way.