Alex Vindman Tries So Hard To “Troll” Fox News And Falls Flat On His Face… AGAIN

You have to ask yourself, how did someone like Alex Vindman, who is so inherently stupid, rise so high in the military?

If that doesn’t tell you something is wrong with the top-brass in our armed forces, I don’t know what will.

And the fact that there are two of these guys (twins) is really scary.

Vindman and his twin brother were born in Ukraine, so that’s why he’s the president of the Zelensky fan club, and keeper of the Ukraine realm.

It’s always fun when we have foreign-born folks pushing for WW3 with their rhetoric and fighting tooth and nail against the America First movement.

And that’s what Vindman does… he fights anyone who puts America First.

It’s hard to tell who is Vindman’s “home country.” Is it the US or Ukraine? He’s definitely eager to liberate Ukraine and would love to send your sons and daughters over there to do it for him.

The situation in Ukraine is very “personal” for Vindamn — something a professional and well-respected military man would never show or act upon.

But Vindman is neither one of those things. He’s a clown.

He’s also not a very good internet “troll,” but that hasn’t stopped him from making a fool of himself on numerous occasions.

And speaking of that, he’s back with yet another failed attempt to “troll” right-wingers online.

The last time it was Tucker he failed to “troll.” Today it’s Fox News.

Here’s what Alex said: “Hey @FoxNews instead of distraction and shifting the conversation to China (strategically irrelevant in this Russia crisis), why don’t you undo the damage you caused with your complicity with Putin and support Ukraine? Or is Trump not letting you?”

This is a perfect example of another TDS side effect… it actually lowers a person’s IQ level by at least 30 points.

Here’s what folks online had to say:

“Are you a paid supporter for China?”

“Anyone who says China is “strategically irrelevant” in the current Russia crisis is either chronically stupid or outright lying. Probably both.”

“China is irrelevant. He said it. Even as Russian Banks are rushing in to use Chinese payment system to avoid sanctions. Next, India will be irrelevant..between them 36% of the world population…irrelevant. Only a paid shill makes these type of claims.”

“You are a f**king clown” 

“sup dumbass, China has everything to do with this how do you feel about the recent news about Russia cozying up to China’s UnionPay hmmmmmmm?”

“Why aren’t you over in Ukraine fighting for your homeland instead of you and your wife moaning about Trump being in your heads 24/7”

“These are not serious people. China providing bank card services with Visa/MasterCard sanctions. This is extremely relevant.”

“China is strategically irrelevant in this Russia crisis” as Visa and Mastercard just gifted them a bazillion dollars worth of business Life was so much better before online grifter society was allowed to explode”

“strategically irrelevant in this Russia crisis” How are you even involved in political journalism?”

“This guy keeps converging to Joy Behar level comments”

“Leaving aside for a moment his treachery, how is it possible that such a low IQ individual could become Director for European Affairs on the National Security Council? The system is completely broken.”

Alex Vindman is the “Chelsea Clinton” of Twitter attacks.

He thinks he’s gonna step in and look like a legend and hailed a “cyber hero….” But in reality, he always sets himself up and comes out battered and bruised and looking like a complete idiot.