[VIDEO] UFC Fighter Has a Message For Biden Voters: “Our Country is Going to Sh*t Without Trump”

Remember back in the day when NASCAR was the conservative’s choice for sports?

They were the rebels, the guys who related to the “blue-collar patriot” and it was all about the flag, and loving your country.

And then Bubba Wallace joined NASCAR and turned the whole thing “woke” and ruined it.

From his BLM support to fake nooses, Bubba helped destroy NASCAR, and he’s not even a good driver.

That’s the bad news – the good news is the UFC has stepped up to take NASCAR’s place as the patriotic rebels of the sports world.

So many of these fighters are all about freedom and Trump, and they’re not afraid of getting canceled or heckled by the mouth-frothing liberal mob.

Just look at what Colby Covington, an MMA fighter had to say to liberals…he didn’t hold a single thing back, and his delivery was icy and flawless.

Here’s what Colby said: ““Mr. 45, President Trump. Greatest President in history… Our f*cking country is going to sh*t right now without him.””

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Colby Covington dropping mother fu**in’ truth bombs!”

“What a legend this guy is…no fear, just tells it like it is” 

“Don’t you wish our crappy politicians had just an ounce of Colby’s conviction?” 

“No truer words have been spoken!!!” 

“And the best part is that he’s untouchable. The mob can’t do anything to him LOL” 

These guys aren’t just fighters in the “ring,” they are also warriors outside of it, battling the biggest enemy of all – the progressive left.