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[VIDEO] Alpha Handshake: The Way President Trump “Yanked Putin” Shows He Was In 100% Charge

Many believe that the main reason the world is falling apart is because Bumbling Joe Biden isn’t respected or feared by anyone on the world’s stage.

Who on earth would “respect” a man who can hardly get a sentence out his mouth and who shuffles around like he’s looking for the BINGO hall at his assisted living facility?

Nobody, of course.

In order to have a strong, peaceful world, the leader of the United States must be well-respected.

If not, bad actors will make bold moves, as we’re seeing now with Russia and Ukraine, and what we’ll likely see soon with China and Taiwan.

The reason we didn’t have issues like this for the four years President Trump was in office is because he was strong, and world leaders knew they couldn’t mess with him, and they didn’t dare try. President Trump was a “peace through strength” guy… He didn’t believe in forever wars but wasn’t afraid to use the might of the US military if anyone stepped out of line… and that understanding is what kept a lot of the world’s questionable dictators in check.

Now, all bets are off. Besides his obvious cognitive issues, Biden is likely the most compromised so-called “president,” thanks to his crackhead kid, and the questionable financial deals he and Joe have made over the past few decades.

But there was a time just a couple of years ago when we had strong leadership, and America was “back” after 8-long weak years of Obama bowing and submitting all over the world.

And that’s where this video of Trump shaking Putin’s hand comes into play. It’s making the rounds again – actually, it’s gone viral – it’s the “Alpha handshake from hell” where you can clearly see in about 15 seconds that President Trump was 100 percent in charge and the “BOSS.”

Pay attention to how Trump “yanks” Putin over to him. As Jack Posobiec says, he “yanked him over like a Scorpian.”

You can watch the video below:

Now THAT’S a handshake, right?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“That’s what Putin understands…a strong U.S. president Trump jerks a knot in Putin’s ass A President that knows what side to support and what side to reject “

“Grabbed him right by the pu**y and never once tried to sniff his hair. This is the way”

“Posture says alot !!”

“Could you imagine Joe Biden trying that move, he’d pull his arm out of socket!!!”

“Never get tired of watching this.”

“This is what strong leadership looks like.”

“Biden is crippling this Country and he planned it.. Trump was hard on Putin but you wanna ignore it. Well..we remember. Can you imagine Biden EVER DOING THIS? I THINK NOT”

“Perfectly executed power move”

“Putin thinking “I better not mess with this guy!”

“This is how the Real Man in Charge, shakes another Man’s Hand!”

Nobody intimidated President Trump, and that made America so much safer.

Under this weak bozo Biden, we’re like sitting ducks.