[VIDEO] This 10-Second Clip Proves Liberals Are Literally Losing Their Minds Over Putin (Again)

It’s kinda sad to see what the Dems and media have done to their voters, turning them into psychopaths whenever they need a narrative push.

It started with the Russia hoax then morphed into COVID and now, we’re back to Russia yet again.

This time, liberals are having a meltdown over the gas prices. They think it’s Putin’s fault that our gas prices are soaring.

Another “big lie” from the Biden admin and media.

It’s not Putin’s fault. It’s Biden’s fault.

He’s the one who canceled President Trump’s successful energy policy that had us nearly energy independent, and gas prices have been going up since Joe took office.

Biden approved Putin’s pipeline but canceled ours.

He made us dependent on others for oil, so this is 100 percent on him.

But that’s not the message Biden and the media want to send, so they’ve riled up their already-insane voters into another mouth-foaming frenzy over Russia.

Just look at this lunatic liberal who’s at a gas station, having a literal nervous breakdown over Vladimir Putin.

Completely brainwashed nutjob.

You can watch the video below:

He looks and sounds like a madman.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Want to see a Looney Delusional Liberal Lunatic in Action… the Biden Con Job on the American People.”

“No. Don’t send the bill to Putin. Send it to Pedo Joe. He’s 100% responsible.”

“Duds a moron, you get what you vote for.”

“Trump told you this was gonna happen. Let me know how the ” bill sending” thing goes. Orrrrrrrr tell the idiot in office to open our pipelines here”

“These people aren’t “all there.” Seek help.”

“Someone please tell bald headed whiner boy that this is all part of his Elite Idol’s plan of jack the prices up so no one can drive anywhere. AKA as the “Green New  Deal” 


“This lib is a damn zombie…”

“How are these people apparently the educated class?”

“Umm. Putin didn’t shut down OUR energy independence! That would be your brain dead White House Squatter! And whose to blame for that? YOU!”

“This guy in the vid is clueless. This is why the corrupt parasites in DC get away with their grifting crap for so long. People are just so damn dumb.”

“Gas in Russia is about $2 per gallon.”

“BREAKING: Putin surrenders after seeing video of beta male threatening to send him a bill for high gas prices.”

“Does anyone really believe this dipshit would be blaming Putin if Trump were in office?”

These people are useful idiots the Dems manipulate to do their bidding.

They hear CNN recite one talking point and they’re off to the races, filming crazy unhinged videos, and looking like mental patients who’ve been off their meds for too long.

It’s sad, on a human level to see this happen to people, but it’s also frustrating because these clueless, easily fooled zombies vote, and their collective stupidity is destroying this country.