Sunday, March 7, 2021



Ted Cruz Sets Internet on Fire With His Bizarre New “Mullet” Haircut

Yowza...This is a strange look, Ted...very strange indeed Ted Cruz set the internet on fire with his new “mullet” hairstyle.

Lindsey Graham Just Voted With Dems to Take Impeachment Sham in Whole New Direction

The GOP establishment is working so hard to help Dems convict President Trump When you’re losing, you can either admit that you...

[VIDEO] Biden Made The WH Look Like a Nursing Home For Valentine’s Day

Joe Biden is still trying to desperately “unite” this country that he and other Democrats helped to divide. And this latest attempt...

[VIDEO] Jonathan Turley Blown Away by Brilliant Closing Case Trump’s Team Made at Impeachment

The consensus is pretty much unanimous at this point: Team Trump scored a huge home run today at the impeachment trial.

Rudy Mocks Swalwell’s Biggest and Most Embarrassing Impeachment Blunder

This guy just needs to hang it up Eric Swalwell really has proven himself to be an absolute bumbling fool.

After Democrat Impeachment Speeds Towards Acquittal – Chuck Schumer Teases Plan B With 14th Amendment

What’s Happening: Democrats probably knew from the start that convicting Trump of impeachment was going to be impossible.

Former First Lady Melania Announces Major Move – And It’s Absolutely Glorious

Former First Lady Melania Announces Major Move - And It’s Absolutely Glorious. The message is the first public statement from the...

Rand Paul Says Impeachment Managers Made One Damning Admission That Nearly Destroys Their Entire Case

On Friday, it was former President Donald Trump’s turn to refute allegations and insinuations made over two days by House impeachment managers...

BREAKING News: Mark Meadows Breaks Silence, Reveals What’s Next For President Trump

Tens of millions of Donald Trump’s supporters want to know what the former president is going to do with his post-White House...

Desperate Mitch McConnell Unleashes New Plan to Try and Convict Trump

This guy is pulling out all the stops to try and takedown President Trump. A very desperate Mitch McConnell is reportedly unleashing...



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[VIDEO] Sitting Down? You’re Actually Going to Agree With Radical Liberal Morgan Freeman

It's amazing how sane and reasonable Morgan Freeman used to be...TDS is an ugly disease I saw this video...

Judge Jeanine Pirro on Andrew Cuomo: “This Guy is An Out-Of-Control Sexual Serial Predator”

During Friday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” FNC’s Judge Jeanine Pirro sounded off on the mounting accusations of sexual misconduct by New...

‘Mask Burning Parties’ are Triggering the Left — And It Is a Glorious Sight to Behold

Normal Americans are over the masks. They are over the lockdowns. They are over the media hysteria. Who is not “over” all of that...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals A Dirty Little Congressional Secret! She Will Stop Them!

Since President Trump, Marjorie Greene is the most prominent DC swamp rat rabble-rouser. We think it’s beautiful.