Thursday, March 4, 2021
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[VIDEO] Leo Terrell Leaves Smug, Crackpot Liberal Professor Tongue-Tied During Fiery Debate

Leo is so good at destroying communists...He was BORN for this. When I call the left “communists” I am...

[VIDEO] Michelle Obama Up to Her Same Nasty Tricks Again on “Good Morning America”

Serious question: Is there a more negative and divisive woman on the planet than Michelle Obama? While appearing...

[VIDEO] Reporter Skewers Jen Psaki After She Takes Credit For Trump’s Accomplishments

Let’s give this report a round of applause Well it’s not too often that you actually see a...

[VIDEO] Local News Anchor Get’s “Red-Pilled,” Suddenly Quits Her Job, “I’m Not Proud to be in the Media”

Wow. This news anchor saw the light and say "good night" for the last time...good for her Wow.